The Royal Rainbow.

 I miss blogging :(. I just can’t find the time really, it sucks :s.  I’ve been feeling so down lately, yesterday I was downstairs at teta’s house and my brother called me from upstairs and was like DINAA DINAAA come hereee. My brother is known for these kind of moves where he asks me to go where he is just to show me something stupid, but I  needed a way out of a situation so I was like ohh my brother is calling my name it must be important let me go. LOL. Anyway, I ran upstairs, and this is what he showed me  :)….160420094183 160420094172

It was amazing, this is my second real rainbow hehe, all the others were somewhere on my bathroom wall or something stupid like that. But this one, ahh this one was biggggggg and amazing, and it came right out of Le Royal Hotel.

Speaking of rainbows, I was eating Skittles the other day, the normal ones and the sour ones all at once lol -Thank you Shmal for that :)- and I got an amazing idea. I am challenging Shmal with this, to write his name in such a creative way, and you guys get to choose which one was more creative and looks nicer, and that person wins, ANNDDD takes the other person out for dinner hehe :p.


What do you think ?


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9 responses to “The Royal Rainbow.

  1. Anonymous

    So ur gunna lose on purpose?? so that Shmal can take u out for dinner?? Well then i won’t tell u the idea of aligning a couple of coins perpendicularly on a table so that they form the letters, because i want him to pay for dinner!! And try to order at least half of the items on the menu, even if ur not gunna eat all of it, coz i want him to pay hard, and by hard i mean HARD!!!
    Oh w ba3dain Allah ye5alleelna el photoshop 😛

  2. Candlewax?

    OH! You can write your name some flammable stuff and set it on fire!

    ..Kill someone and use their bones..? 😀

    Lol yameen this, you can do. Make a model out of foamcore 😛

    And chmal you can use some patient’s thing to write something

    Okay 5alas bikaffi, ingil3o 😛

  3. Hmm, maybe I can shave Saed’s hair off and use it to write my name 😀 ! OR use pieces from his rusty old Fender 😀 ?

  4. Hmm ok that was stupid of me, the loser takes the other person out for dinner…stupid dina!! Nice ideas sa3ed, not the foam one though thank you very muchhhhh!! like the candlewax idea :), but you’re not supposed to give shmal ideas!! eh!

  5. Lol I WISH it was a fender, it’s a squier! hahah and no touching the hair, kid!


    Hahah that made my day XD

  7. Ooh I never saw a rainbow before, did u find a pot of gold at the end lol

  8. Hazem

    thank u 3ala al second post yalli la 2illi:D

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