Song of the week

It’s been so long since we’ve posted a song of the week, heck, it’s been so long since we’ve posted anything at all. Stress, exams, studying, fighting and all that crap has been hovering over our lives and it’s about time we blogged again. The song I chose is a classic, it’s for Opeth and it’s called Benighted. I doubt there are many people that know this song but it’s one of my favorites for Opeth. I’ve been struggling with learning it on the guitar, I just can’t seem to get the finger picking to work! Argh! (If anyone knows how to play it please email me :D)


Anyway, here’s the song from a youtube video. [ I couldn’t be bothered to upload the mp3 file because my internet is WAY past it’s limit and it’s killing me. ]

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One response to “Song of the week

  1. Maaaaan Great song.

    Still Life is a great album really.

    I prefer Face Of Melinda, though.
    Only because the outro and the interlude are amazing.


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