Spare me the agony


It’s 1:10 and I am fucking bored ! I’ve been studying all day and I’m sick to my ass from this God-forsaken course called Medicine ! Who the fuck in their right mind would chose a major where studying is eternal ?! WHO ?! I’ll tell you who, idiots like me who want to make the world a better place, and for what ? As a doctor I have to solemnly swear to treat anyone in need of medical attention, with no preferences to likes or dislikes. Basically that means I could actually treat the person who would later on try to stab me in a dark alley. I don’t usually have a negative view towards my course but I’m just so pissed off at this system of studying that I don’t fucking care what I say about it! Studying medicine in Jordan is a fucking crime! The first 3 years of studying are basically sitting at home and memorizing written lectures. I’m supposed to grow up to be a doctor, a person who deals with human beings and disease every single day, and for the first 3 years they tell me that I’m not allowed to get in contact with patients. Who the fuck makes up these stupid rules, ha ! So I’m currently at a phase where I hate studying Medicine.

Let’s see, what else is on my list of bitching, hmm. Ahh yes, what’s up with the weather ? One second the sky’s pounding down pebble-sized ice chips and then next minute the sun comes out to play. I went out to see a friend and the weather was fucking perfect, just a tad bit cold and everything was great for a walk. Suddenly it starts pissing rain like there’s no tomorrow >_>. Apparently it’s going to rain on Friday, the day of my beloved concert! You better not ruin Friday for me dear Lord, I mean, please don’t ruin Friday for me dear lord..:$.

Another thing I’m really pissed off at is take out junk food >_>! Jesus Christ I’m so sick of eating fucking burgers ! It’s the same poison every single day garnished with a new wrapper. Burger King, McDonald’s and all that diddly squat…I want my mommy’s cooking back !!! 😦 I swear it’s true what they say that you never know the price of something till it’s gone ! Mom bidi malfoof mishan allah !! 😦

I’m done >_> I have to get back to studying anatomy … MEH!



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5 responses to “Spare me the agony

  1. Abdullah Al Omari

    had yalli tili3 ma3ak!!!! MALFOUF!!!!!

  2. Dude I have a thing for malfoof !! Eesh asawi ? I fucking love it :D.

  3. this sounds miserable!
    i’ve always thought studying medicine is like analyzing, dissecting corpses and practical stuff, but three years of memorizing! this sux!!:( probably in a year i’ll be going through this phase too unless i convinced my parents to study abroad!

    yalla wish you luck man & inshallah it wont rain on fri for i have this special occasion and don’t want it to be ruined too 😉

  4. Trust me Rhythm it’s very depressing. Imagine studying 60 lectures, each lecture being at least 10 pages long, while having to use 3 or 4 books as resources to read from. EXTREMELY depressing, not at all what you thought it was going to be.
    Thanks and hope it doesn’t rain for both our sakes :D. Good luck in your tawjeehi I’m guessing.

  5. M

    A very nice thing to be reading before entering medicine in a couple of months, inshalla (or should I be saying God forbid?).
    But I have a pretty good reference already to the hell am entering. But if it’s any consolation, my sister just finished her six years from hell, and I was at her oath ceremony thingy, and I gotta tell you, from what I saw, everyone seemed to think it was worth it. (Not my brother though, who still has one more year to go, and keeps sneaking up behind my back telling me that if I valued my life, even a teeny tiny bit, I would not subject myself to the wonderful world of medicine.)

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